Iran's rulers kidnapped and jailed British woman, torture her mentally & physically - UN is silent to avoid damaging Islam's image

Palestinian TV host glorifies suicide attacks against Jews "It's a celebration"

British woman jailed by Iran launches hunger strike as the media ignores her illegal imprisonment

Hundreds Iranians dead, thousands injured as the regime slaughters protesters - Media is silent to avoid damaguing the image of Iran's Islamic regime

Shock as EU adopts law to mark out products made by "illegal" Jews

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Hundreds of Iranians were shot dead by terror regime - All they asked for is human rights

Iran's regime uses schools as Torture camps for protesters - hundreds executed in less than a week

EU rulers cheer in the face of mass slaughter of Iranian protesters, in order to save the Nuclear deal

Iranian women take to the streets to despise Islamic laws - All facing death penalty

400 people shot dead in protest against Iran's regime - Angela Merkel supports Terror regime that slaughters innocents

Iran: TV show Orders Muslim Children to Call for Genocide of Americans, Jews & English people